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Marine Technical Services

Ph 410.867.0676 ph/fax 301.261.5085
sales @ goMTS . net
MTS is happy to provide free estimates on any new installation.  To provide a complete and accurate estimate we usually visit each vessel to work out the details of a project before presenting a written estimate.  

In many cases we can provide first draft or budgetary estimates without a sales call to the vessel.  You can help us along by providing photos of the project via email.  As the saying goes the picture is worth 1,000 words.

To intiate an estimate request please call the shop or email sales @ goMTS . net.  It is helpful to have at least the following information to start:

- Customer Name
- Phone number(s)
- email
- Vessel Make, Model, Year
- Vessel Name
- Vessel location including slip number
- Key or Combo info if you want to us to visit to inspect the project in detail